Welcome to The National Veterans’ Walk

The National Veterans Walk project in Sunderland aims to create permanent tributes to all who have served or are still serving in our Regular and Reserve Armed Forces. The granite plaques are for any person who has given or been prepared to give their all for Monarch and Country – our motto is “They all stand equal!”. In future projects, we plan to include other Emergency and Public Service personnel who are also prepared to give their all, in the line of duty.

Starting in November 2016, the first stones were laid in Mowbray Park in Sunderland to honour all personnel who have served their country in any way.  The project is supported by the family of Private Nathan Cuthbertson who was sadly killed in Afghanistan in 2008.

The first stones on the Veterans' Walk
The first stones on the Veterans’ Walk

The stones offer a permanent reminder of the valued service of personnel who have represented or still represent their country on Land, in the Air or at Sea, including the Merchant Navy and future projects will also include Emergency and other Public Service personnel. They make a lasting memory for family or friends who have served, or indeed continue to serve and could be an ideal gift at special events such as birthdays, Christmas or other significant anniversaries.

Private Nathan Cuthbertson
Private Nathan Cuthbertson

Our next project is going to be in Warrington, Lancashire and we are ready to take orders by clicking on “Order Stone” and selecting the Heroes Walk tab. This project will include Military Veterans but additionally is open to all public service heroes including Fire, Police, Ambulance and NHS staff.

Use the Contact page to get in touch with any enquiries you may have, or click here to order and purchase your engraved stone as part of the growing National Veterans’ Walk project.