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A Lasting Tribute to Proud Service

Kate Adie – Patron

“I am delighted to have been asked to be a Patron for the National Veterans Walk charity. This unique project goes beyond honouring those who have perished in conflicts and offers anyone who is still serving or has served the chance to create a permanent reminder of that proud service. In addition those who wish to remember family members can also request a stone to be laid for future generations to see. It is open to all and the project motto is ‘The All Stand Equal”. I wish Tom and Rob every success with this wonderful tribute to all our brave servicemen and women.”

Kate Adie

A lasting tribute to proud service

A definition: For those who did, who still do, and for those who will give themselves in support of others. 

“They all stand Equal”

Our motto for each and every person who has given or been prepared to give their all for Monarch and Country. 

The granite plaques that make up the National Veterans Walk in Sunderland aims to create a permanent tribute to all who have served and who are still serving in our Regular or Reserved Armed Forces. 

Our Future Plans may include personnel from the Emergency Services and Public Service Personnel who give their all in the line of duty. 

Some of the Charities we have supported and continue to support include:

Sunderland Armed Forces Network
Veterans In Crisis Sunderland