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Starting in November 2016, the first stones were laid in Mowbray Park in Sunderland to honour all personnel who have served their country in any way.  The project is supported by the family of Private Nathan Cuthbertson who was sadly killed in Afghanistan in 2008.

The stones offer a permanent reminder of the valued service of personnel who have represented or still represent their country on Land, in the Air or at Sea, including the Merchant Navy and future projects will also include Emergency and other Public Service personnel. They make a lasting memory for family or friends who have served, or indeed continue to serve and could be an ideal gift at special events such as birthdays, Christmas, or other significant anniversaries.

The Veterans’ Walk is the brainchild of Tom Cuthbertson and his wife Carla, both of whom worked tirelessly after the loss of their son in Afghanistan in 2008 to raise enough money to build a Memorial Wall to honour all from their own city of Sunderland who have fallen in conflicts across the world since 1945.

However, Tom was always aware that the Memorial Wall was only to commemorate those who had lost their lives in service of their country. He wanted to go further in recognising ALL personnel who have served their country in any capacity. As a result, the local council agreed to support the planning and development of a walkway that will be a permanent reminder for anyone who wishes to create a legacy, whether still surviving or having passed away in peacetime.

The granite plaques carry the individual name, rank, and badge of the serving force and are laid on the pathway as a permanent reminder of anyone who has served his/her country with pride. The plaques are 350mm x 250mm in size and all surplus funds raised through the project will be used to continue funding various Armed Forces charities.

Private Nathan Cuthbertson

Private Nathan Cuthbertson