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I purchased a stone on the first phase of the Veterans Walk to commemorate my 24 year military service career, I’m from Durham and was immediately interested when the project was first mentioned and really impressed by all the hard work and effort put in by Tom and Rob. My granite stone may not have any significance to anyone who doesn’t know me but it means a huge amount to be able to recognise and commemorate my service in the British Army from 1976 to when I retired in 2000. I look forward to seeing the project and the Veterans Walk continue to grow and hope more servicemen and woman take the opportunity to purchase a stone or for family members to remember service of a loved one or other family member. Brian Morgan

Tom / Rob , You should be proud of the work you have done, I and my family and countless other families across this great city owe you a massive debt of gratitude. I have visited battlefields across the world and feel proud that my boys service can be recorded in this way. If you ever need my support with anything then you only have to ask.

Thank you for the update can’t wait to see it all finished. Kind regards Anne

tom /rob

Would just like to say as a Sunderland boy born and bred (Hendon), how proud I am of this initiative by you and rob and the people of Sunderland. Keep up the fantastic work it’s very much appreciated by a lot of people. Regards Ian

The hard work and dedication you have both committed to this fantastic project has not gone unnoticed. I would like to personally thank you for your endeavours. I am sure the Veterans Walk will be a beautiful addition to Mowbray Park, attracting more visitors to our wonderful city. I very much look forward to seeing the fruition of your labours in the near future.

Once again many thanks, outstanding work,

Yours aye


My Brother is getting married the 1st of October!!! Which works out perfect for the surprise & present as all of our family & friends are coming from Sunderland for his big day to Windsor … Long way I know!!! But after him & his wife to be get back from there honeymoon I will then look to travel in with them so I’d be looking at the end of October to come back north for himself and family to see veterans walk …

Hi Rob/Tom,

Thank you for your information I realise it has been a long journey for you both and we are really grateful for your efforts in this task.

Thank you for the information and go a head for myself to be able to arrange for my brothers name to be put on the veterans walk. 1 we are all going to be extremely proud & 2 it’s going to be a huge wedding present surprise to him from me as we all thought with great disappointment it wasn’t going a head … So now it will truly be a huge surprise to himself & all the family. I will arrange payment as yourselves have requested and very much look forward to the end result …. Baring in mind we will all be coming into visit as we all live in the south now as in Berkshire! So yes for us all to come back to Sunderland to visit the veterans walk is going to be really special & thank you. Regards.

I would like to express my appreciation of all your efforts with this and other charitable projects and thank you for all your efforts.



Hi Tom /rob How many still serving personnel are getting these? I think it’s a brilliant idea and even though I’m buying it myself I will be extremely honoured and proud to have one of these! Kind regards Chris *****

It looks amazing very very good i didn’t know what to expect well done lovely

Regards Maureen

Thank you for the update as yes the most important addition to ********* info is his service number – Service number (*********) Much appreciated & yes everything is looking good will let you know closer to the time when I’m coming in with my Brother to see it for the first time & hopefully we get to meet up with yourself. As ***is still in very close contact with all his Army friends & associates and so on even though he has been out for a few year. Kind regards. C .

Love it!

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. We are looking to purchase a stone for my grandfather. He served with the D.L.I in WW1 and was awarded the M.M. In W.W.2 he served in the Pioneer Corp and died in 1943. On his Military gravestone is his pioneer number and badge, do we put this number on the stone or the DLI number? Hoping you can help. Liz

Hi Tom / Rob, That is perfect thank you so much for all your help. Regards, Dawn

Hi Tom / Rob, That looks great ! . He’ll be pleased with that. Sorry about the earlier indecision. I’m actually on holiday in France at the moment, so have had to liaise from afar with four brothers and sisters, and my Dad, to make sure we got it right. Now we can’t wait to see it in place.

Thanks Barry

Hi Tom /rob , I may have another order for **** my Brother served in the Navy and he would like one but he is struggling to get the cash together. I have told him I will cover the cost. I f he takes one Would it be possible to get them laid next to each other as we are twins. Regards Paul

Thanks Tom /Rob , I took a look at the web site and will pop down to visit the site on Fri as I have took the day off work. I have also sent the email to people in 3 Rifles and asked to pass it around the Rifles Regt as we have 5 Battalions and probably a few from the NE and Sunderland in particular who may find this interesting. Captain Martin ******

Hello Tom/Rob ,I am writing to you on behalf of my dad George ******* He served during WW2 and is keen on purchasing a stone , we have sent his service details over on the website but we re unsure how to pay . Kind regards George *******

Hi, Glad to hear that things are now moving nicely with Veterans’ Walk, and best of luck with the installation. Hope the planning consent from the Council doesn’t pose any problems. Kind Regards

Hi thanks for the quick replies the stones in memory of dad who died last August aged 99 we’ll pay the money into the account next week.

Thank you

Marilyn *******